Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent calendar

My mom and I created this advent calendar a few years ago. I might not have even had kids at the time, I can't recall, It's all a blur. Anyhow I found it difficult to find trinkets small enough to fit in these favor tins and I had several incidents of the lids falling off and dumping out candy when I filled them with things like M&Ms. Last year I saw a great idea in Disney Family Fun magazine for an advent calendar filled with fun things to do as a family everyday leading up to Christmas. I just finished printing up my list of things and I am cutting them and putting the little slips of paper in the tins. Some are simple things like read Twas the Night before Christmas, watch the Polar Express and make a paper plate Santa. Others are take the train to see Santa at the Danbury Rail Museum and go to the Holiday Spirit Festival at Bowdoin Park. I am looking forward to sharing the calendar with the boys tomorrow and I am glad I don't have to worry about spilling mishaps with the calendar this year.

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  1. this really is too cute! now I am jealous. although I could not possibly think of 24 things I want to do... it would be way easier for me to pick M&M's off the floor every day. ;)