Saturday, February 26, 2011

Easter Fun LO for Cricut class

I have been asked to teach a Cricut class at an upcoming crop in my area. I had a really hard time figuring out how to work this. I know many of you out there in the land of Cricut bloggers have held these type of classes so I'd appreciate any suggestions on how this works for you. What I came up with is to have everything pre-cut in a kit. I would provide detailed instructions on how I made all the cuts and the special Cricut features I used. Then at the crop at the beginning of the class doing a 20 minute presentation demonstrating how I made all the cuts and the features I used. Then I would let them finish their layout at their own pace. I don't think they will all be bringing their own Cricuts and probably won't have all the cartridges I used so I think time wise this would work best. Please comment with suggestions you have for this type of class. Also I was thinking of charging $15 for the class. It includes instruction and all the materials, ribbon, paper, brads, and all the tiny cuts on a strip of Xyron so they don't get lost. Would you pay that much for this?


  1. Amazingly cute! Love that paper at the bottom. The eatser bunny and chick are adoraable.

  2. Such a great layout! Love it!