Thursday, December 30, 2010

A rant about blog candy

Ok so I just started blogging in September and since have three times been the so called "winner" of blog candy from three different blogs. I say so called as I have never actually received the items I supposedly won. I am starting to wonder if the jokes on me. Is blog candy not  real? Perhaps it's virtual. I also imagine there must be a margin of error in it, especially those blogs that have hundreds of followers and must get a lot of email. But not three times in a row from three different people. Regardless I find it extremely disappointing. Especially since I am not out there looking at blogs or commenting on peoples work just to get something for free. It's nice that they offer but really I am looking for inspiration and if I like your work I'll follow you and leave a comment whether you're offering something up to win or not.  But to announce that someone won something cool and get them excited and then never actually send anything is mean in my book. Does it mean I'll stop playing along? No probably not, I am sure that there are some honest people out there and on the off chance that I do actually receive something down the line, what does it hurt? In the meantime though I just had to get this off my chest.:(


  1. Oh, I feel badly that that's the case!!! :(

    I can only speak from my own, limited experience, but I've always gotten the blog candy that I won!

    If you won it recently, hopefully they just got busy with the holidays or mailing takes longer at this time of the year!

    It wouldn't hurt to follow up...I know that if I paid to mail something & the recipient didn't get it, I would want to know.

    Good luck!

    By the way, I found you through Momo's blog and really like your creations!!! :) (I am a bit partial to Stampin' Up! as that is what got me hooked on this paper crafting addiction!) ;)

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I too love SU. I signed on as a demo in November during their promo. Trying to get together a LO class and set up some classes for Sale-A-Bration. I love MOMO's blog. She has such wonderful creations.

  3. Oh no! I had one item I won this year not arrive, and it's someone who offers blog candy ALL the time - I wasn't sure what to think. I have won and received other prizes though, and I had a little candy that I gave away, which I got confirmation reached the recipients. That stinks you had bad experiences!