Friday, January 14, 2011

Organizational Boot Camp Week Two

Our goals for last week were to clean up our workspace and clear out products that we don't use. I have a large file box full of stamps, punches, tools, and scraps and a large bag of scrapbook paper here that I am donating to the rec center in my community.

In addition one of my goals was to get rid of the breakfast nook that I worked at because the table was too small and the set up led to me getting buried with stuff piled on the benches all around me while I worked. I was going to set up a plastic folding table temporarily until I found a more permanent desk/table that worked for me, however the dining table that we were storing behind the breakfast nook is so heavy that it won't stand up without something heavy to support it. So for safety sake and a lack of anywhere else to put the table I am now using it to work. It is a nice long table but to wide for me to reach anything on the wall even when standing. I have to climb on the chair to get to my stuff, but it works for now. My husband has promised to put up shelves this weekend so I went about organizing all my stuff into baskets and boxes I already had. One for adhesives, ribbon, tools, envelopes and treat bags, glitter, etc. It looks even more cluttered now but I think once the shelves are up it will be much better. So here's my space as it looks now.
 This week we were to take a photo of our paper storage/stashes. I actually keep my paper pretty organized. I use these Iris 12x12 paper storage bins. I have one that is actually organized and labeled by color and inside the 12 x 12 folders I also have a file folder where I put all the scraps and 8.5 x 11 paper of the same color. One holds all my patterned paper and the third is a mish mash. The only reason it is not organized like the first is that the 12 x 12 file folders are so expensive and the bins only came with three folders to start.  They sell extra folders at $5.99 for three folders! So I add them slowly. I also keep one expanding folder for cut patterned paper to keep the bins from getting jammed up with scrap paper. That isn't so neat looking but it works.


  1. what a goodie box you get to give away and I really like how like items are at least sorted together.

  2. Looks like you came along way, great work!