Friday, January 7, 2011

Organizational Boot Camp

I am joining a challenge to get my scrap area organized. The first part of the challenge is to post photos of your scrap room as it is now and some goals for what you would like to achieve in organizing your space.
Here's my room/corner of the basement.

Here are my goals:
1. I need to find a desk/table that works better. I am currently using a breakfast nook and I get blocked in. It is hard to get in and out every time I need something and the table is not big enough. That's why I end up with so much stuff on the benches surrounding me.
2. I'd like to have a way to see my stash that's shoved here and there so I use it more.
3. I'd like to have a place to display some of my finished projects.
4. I'd like to clear out papers, stickers and embellishments and give away to someone who could use it.
5. I'd like a place I could place my Cricut cartridges so they are in reach but not in the way.


  1. I know how you feel..I would Love to have more paper, embellishments, stickers and more ...I also need to find places for everything..wish I had a huge craft room...

  2. Great minds think alike. I am just finishing up revamping my craftroom. I made room for my printers and gadgets. I even cleared a shelf for finished products, lol. I'll post some pics, maybe you'll get some ideas :)